Grand Monkeyopolis
Grand Monkeyopolis 2
Difficulty Nearly Impossible
Terrain City
Entrances 4
Exits 4
Water? Yes

Grand Monkeyopolis is a Nearly Impossible track taking place at the sky-high roads of the very capital of the Monkey World. It has 4 land platforms that's constantly moving clockwise and a tall tower with a "sky lake" in the center. It's unlocked at Rank 85 and is the third last directly accessible track the player can unlock (the second is Star Shrine,the first is Intelligence Town Monkey)

Track Paths

  • For the left path, the bloons come from the top and move to the bottom.
  • For the top path, the bloons come from the right and move to the left.
  • For the right path, the bloons come from the bottom and move to the top.
  • For the bottom path, the bloons come from the left and move to the right.


  • No road spikes/pineapples!
  • No saves!
  • 125 MM per attempt
  • 15 extra rounds!
  • Beat The Escapee Mission first!


  • Easy: 350 AP; 700,000 XP; 850 MM
  • Medium: 700 AP; 1,400,000 XP; 1800 MM
  • Hard: 1500 AP; 3,500,000 XP; 4000 MM


  • This is the core of the Monkeys' Empire. If it's destroyed, the monkeys are doomed.
  • Glaive Lord is trying his best to protect this place.
  • It's the second last directly accessible track the player can unlock.
  • Beating The Escapee is one of two prerequesites for this track.
  • Chaos Bloon tried to turn this place into Bloonopolis.

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