The Game Modes Menu is a new part of the Play Menu with a button that reads "Game Modes" as an entrance button. It also acts as a Mode shop. Here you can buy new game modes, and play them (such as Music Mode), it also acts as a place for "expansion packs" (such as Aurae Saga), thus the modes here will have on/off button so that you can activate/deactivate them and play on the main mode to choose the track, not buttons that will take you directly to the play. Modes are usually quite expensive and need a certain rank to buy.

Mode Prices

Mods Shop

The Game Modes Menu will also sell mods and let you enable/disable them in the Mods Shop, one of its sub-divisions. Mods usually won't change the game itself, but changes think like bloons skin, monkeys skin, BGM, GUI, etc. to suit your needs, these are them:



But if you use BTD6 Deluxe (the downloadable version of BTD6), you can also download external mods from the net and paste them to your mods folder, and they will also show up here if they're legit mods.

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