Future Dome is a nearly impossible 'special' track.It is special in both ways: can be normally played by setting the Villian Lair on fire and is also the track of The One Traveller.Although it it is a nearly impossible track, it only has 1 entrance and 1 exit, but ends extremely quickly.It's terrian is past or future (time travelling).This track is where you can access the Time Trekker and travel in time (you must have to transform into one to do that).

Bloon Path

  • The entrance is at the middle right of the track.It shapes a mountain and then goes down as the exit.

How to Enter this Track as a Secret

  • First go to the Villian Lair.
  • Then go to the Ninja Headquarters to find the key to Herbert's Fortress.
  • Enter the Herbert's Fortress and take the Flame Cannon.
  • Go back to the Villian Lair.
  • Now launch the flame storm.The Villian Lair is set on fire and the entrance to the Future Dome can be seen.
  • Now go straight to the entrance.Now you will be in the Future Dome!


  • In this track, Non-Members can transform into a Time Trekker.It costs 6000 in-game money.
  • Members can transform into a flame cannon, costing 10000 in-game money.


  • This is the only track to have transformations.Non-members can turn themselves into a Time Trekker and members can transform a tower to a flame cannon.

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