Fireman Monkey is a tower.It attacks bloons by a fire pipe (throwing fire by it).It can also make flaming bloons (such as BB) cooldown by using a water pipe.The fire pipe smashes away 5 layers of bloons at once and the water pipe smashes away 3 layers of bloons at once.It's appearance is a red and blue Dart Monkey with 2 pipes in his hands.

Cost: 1250/1350/1500

Path 1

Powered-up Fire Pipe

The fire pipe can now smash away 7 layers of bloons at once!

Cost: 1540/1640/1800

Fireman Radar

Can now detect and target Camo Bloons as well as giving the pipes faster killing!

Cost: 2000/2100/2390

Poisonous Water

The water pipe now shoots poisonous water and can smash away 10 layers of bloons at once!

Cost: 2400/2500/2700

Death Pipes

The pipes now can smash away 20 layers of bloons at once! Enough to pop a Ceramic Bloon at once!

Cost: 5200/5500/6000

​Path 2​

Fireman Trap

The fireman is now armed with traps, smashing away 6 layers of bloons and also making bloons run away!

Cost: 1500/1600/1890

Spiked Pipes

The pipes now have spikes, allowing it to smash away 9 layers of bloons at once!

Cost: 2650/2850/3300

Snow Pipe

The fireman also has a snow pipe now, smashing away 15 layers of bloons at once!

Cost: 4450/4550/4850

Death Fireman

Death Fireman Ability: For 5 seconds, all the pipes now smash away 100 layers of bloons at once at a very fast speed!

Cost: 29,500/35,000/40,000

Recharge Time: 5 minutes 

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