Fighter Monkey-Buffered-By Leonardo Vergara Concha-Chile

"Coming From Intense Training, This Monk Really Kicks Bloons Fast. Basic Attack Has Short Range, But Can Hit Many Bloons At Once"


Range-Boomerang Thrower.

Kick Range-1/3 of Starting Range.

Speed-25 Frames.



Path 1

Multi Hit-One of two Attacks will be a 3-Hit Kick. Each can hit 3 Bloons (Reach is Half Total Range) Price $400

Burning Power-Attacks faster, Kicks can melt Leads, and Burn an extra Layer in Blue Fire (20% Faster, Burn In a Second) Price $550. Red Bandanna.

Ki Blast-Thrust Hands Forward, Releasing a Fireball that Pops 50 Bloons. It Stuns and Crushes Ceramic, Backfires 8 Flames. (Pops Anything in front, Like, Dealing 50 Damage to a MOAB, popping 2 Zebras and a Yellow, Etc) Price $2500. White Suit. Super Fighter Ability-"Monkey Went Super! Concentrates Power and fires Beams from every attack for 10 Seconds. Ends with a Super Powerful Attack That NO BLOON Can Stand".(Slash Kick Beam Pops 200 Bloons, AND Wave Shreds 5 Layers, 10-Hit Strikes Pops 25 Bloons Each, And It Was Charging His Fireball, Becomes a Super Beam Surge that Blasts 10000, That is >9000 Bloons, And then Produces a Explosion that Deals 100 Damage to Anything In His Radius, And No Joke) Cooldown-90 Seconds.(Also Increases Fireball Upgrade's Power To 100, Whole Ceramic Pops on Impact, Twices its Backfire. Doubles Attacks Burn. +50% Range). Glowing, banana-like hair, Made of real bananas. Deserves wear them.

Price: 10.000 Pops Exp. And 10 Rounds, No Kidding, No Easy To Buy Such Power.

Fighter Monkey vs Robo Monkey-Avatar Version


Path 2

Wind Swipe-Increases Slash Kick Range To Half Total Range, Power To 8. Price $300. Light Blue Suit

Wave Kicks-Uses Ki Power to Extend Kick reach and smash Ice, Slash Wave pops 5 Bloons! Price $450

Spin Kick-Swipes All Around, Hits 20 Bloons, First One Hit Is Sent Flying Back! Sends a Spnning Razor that Hits Many Times! (Sent Back Along The Path, Razor can Hit 20 Bloons Up to 3 Times) Price $2500

Tornado Power-Doubles Attack Speed. Every attack sends Razors that can slice through anything. (Round House Kick Razors hit 50 Bloons, 5-Hit Kick´s Shots hit 10 Bloons)

Price: 10 Rounds And 10.000 Pops

By User-Leonardo Vergara Concha

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