Farthest End track

Some bloons seem to come from space and your monkeys must stop them there. There's only 1 problem: MONKEYS CAN'T SPAWN DIRECTLY IN SPACE! And E.V.A. Suits or Bubbles aren't allowed here! There's only 2 separate "star trails", the blue one for the bloons, and the green one for the defending monkeys. So only inifinite-range towers (Monkey Ace, Sniper Monkey, Dartling Gun, Mortar) and space towers can participate in this mission, you have 1000$ start cash. The rounds in this mission is just like a normal Medium Difficulty game, except... bloons move TWICE AS FAST as they speed to the finish! Reward: 1000 Monkey Money.


  • The BGM of this mission is Saihate (can be translated as Farthest End or Farewell Song)