This tower is just that: a monkey with a fan. It is a mouse-controlled tower that shoots a jet of air that pushes bloons back. It costs $1700 on Easy. Range = Monkey Apprentice, Speed = 0-0 Dartling Gun. WILL NOT AFFECT BLOONS OUTSIDE ITS RANGE. Upgrades

Path I

   Faster Spin: $510 Easy

The fan blades move faster, thus making the jet shoot faster!

   Overdrive: $850 Easy

Increases range and speed (range = 0-2 Super Monkey, speed = 4-X Tack Shooter)

   Oscillate Mode: $680 Easy

The fan is set to Oscillate, which makes it no longer follow your mouse!

   Bloonson Air Multiplier: $6800 Easy

Constantly fires a jet of high-speed air that pops bloons before blowing them away.

Path II

   Bigger Fan: $385

Not only does a bigger fan keep the monkey cool, but it also blows away multiple bloons! (popping power=2)

   Ginormous Blaster: $850

Covers a huge area! (popping power = 5)

   Dual-Head Fan: $1700

Two fans on one tower lead to way more blowing action!

   Shockwave: $6800

Shockwave Ability: Creates a massive pulse of wind that blows all bloons off the map. Does not affect Z.O.M.G.s or bosses.


  • This conception was made by Wackycreeper15

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