The Factory is a special agent that is somewhat similar to the Monkey Village. It costs $80 Monkey Money and increases the power of all towers in its range (equal to a Village's) by a greater amount than the Monkey Village would (boosting range by 35%, increasing fire rate by 20% and decresing upgrade cost by 15%, does not stack), but also creates bloons as industrial waste after every round of a game. These bloons must be destroyed in the same way as any other bloons. The more towers in the Factory's range, the stronger the Bloons:

List Of Bloons Produced

Super Monkeys count as one tower, plus one per upgrade.

  • 1 tower-5 Red Bloons
  • 2 towers-3 Green Bloons, 5 Red Bloons
  • 3 towers-3 Yellow Bloons, 3 Green Bloons
  • 4 towers-10 Green Bloons, 1 Yellow Bloon
  • 5 towers-2 Purple Bloons, 3 Pink Bloons
  • 6 towers-1 Zebra Bloon, 1 Black Bloon, 1 White Bloon
  • 7 towers-3 Rainbow Bloons
  • 8 towers-1 Thick Ceramic Bloon
  • 9 towers-10 Ceramic Bloons
  • 10 towers-7 Thick Ceramic Bloons
  • 11 towers-50 Regrowth Yellow Bloons
  • 12 towers-3 Camo Rainbow Bloons
  • 13 towers-1 Camo Regrowth Ceramic Bloon
  • 14 towers-10 Camo Zebra Bloons
  • 15 towers-1 Super Bloon
  • 16-20 towers-1 M.O.A.B.
  • 21-25 towers-1 B.F.B.
  • 26-30 towers-1 Z.O.M.G.
  • Every 5 towers from now on (31-35, 36-40, etc.) adds an additional Z.O.M.G.


After being used in 40 games, the Factory becomes the Factory Pro. The Factory Pro increases the power of towers more (boosting range by 40%, increasing fire rate by 25% and decreasing upgrade cost by 20%), but also creates more powerful bloons. (All Bloons have double health, with the exeption of Thick Ceramic Bloons, Super Bloons, and M.O.A.B. class Bloons, which only have 1.5x health, rounded down) Also, every 5 towers, a Nuke Bloon (nuclear waste) is thrown in with the other Bloons, so 5-9 towers adds 1 Nuke Bloon, 10-14 adds another, etc.)

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