The Energy Monkey shoots energy balls, which pop 2 bloons. However, the layers increase as the popping power decreases, making it pop 2 layers on it's last hit!

Price: 520 on Medium

Path 1:

Photon-Charged Energy

Energy is now charged with photons, making them pop an extra bloon!

Price: 340 on Medium

Multi-Wavelength Balls

With multiple wavelengths, energy balls pop 5 bloons!

Price: 700 on Medium

Energy Overload

The energy balls pop up to 20 bloons!

Price: 9000 on Medium


The energy balls are now miniature stars, making them pop infinite bloons! However, they dissappear after 2 seconds.

Price: 26000 on Medium

Path 2:

Bigger Balls

The energy balls explode after their last pop. If it's 4/1, it explodes when the dwarfstar dissappears. The explosion only pops 1 layer.

Price: 450 on Medium

Powered Blasts

The energy balls start at 2 layers, then 3, and so on. Explosion now pops 2 layers as well.

Price: 1200 on Medium

Electric Energy

Energy balls have a chance of giving the Electrocution status effect for 5 seconds. 

Price: 2000 on Medium

Electrical Jolt

Special Ability: All machine towers get their attack speed doubled for 5 seconds.

Price: 14500 on Medium

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