Round: 90

HP: 10000.

Size: As a M.O.A.B.

Speed: As a Red Bloon.

Spawn: 1 Uranium Bloon (with double spawn)

This bloon absorbs Light/Energy/Heat attacks, and uses its power to spawn Metal Bloons. (From Steel to Uranium) It Holds until having enough for a Uranium Bloon. The Bloons have, somehow, double Spawn, each spawns 4 instead of 2. If Energy Shield goes down, releases current charge. (25-50-75-100-150-200)

Doesn't absorb Darts/Explosions/Heavy attacks.


Energy Pulse-Stuns ALL Towers for 2 Seconds.

Disable Shot-Downgrades a tower last Upgrade by $10000 worth. If the last upgrade was more expensive than that amount, this ability has no effect. Stuns the affected tower for 4 seconds. Uses every Second.









-Simply Attack (Darts, Explosions)

-Weak Point (Cripple M.O.A.B.)

-For Massive Damage (Tech. Terror, M.O.A.B. Assasin, Ground Zero)

-Layer Buster 50% Less Effective.

Defensive Abilities

Energy Shield-Blocks 500 Hits before breaking for 2 Seconds.

Energy Barrier-Blocks all the attacks from 2 towers. Uses every 0.5 Seconds, lasts 1 Second.

Energy Dart-Stuns a Tower 1 Second. Uses every 0.5 Seconds.


Heavy Attacks (Juggernaut)

Powered Attacks (for example, Darts that pop Lead Bloons, as Robo Monkey shots, explosions that pop Zebra Bloons, like "The Big One" Mortars)

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