The Electro Tower takes down large nunbers of bloons at once with powerful energy bolts. However, it's a bit slow...

Reload 71

Can pop frozen and lead bloons.

Cannot target/ hit Camo

Popping power 20

Layer 2

Range 110

Cost: 1600

Appearance: See the images further down.

Path 1

Double Bolt

Now punishes twice the bloons with a second bolt of power.

Fires 2 bolts at once. Cost: 1400

Rapid Recharge

Improved electromagnetic supercapacitors allow the device to fire much faster.

Reload 51 (2/0) 46 (2/1)

Cost: 1600

Quad Bolts

There's no such thing as too many.

Fires 4 bolts at once.

Cost: 7000

Stormforce Device

A device that wreaks such havoc upon the bloons as has not been known since hypersonic tack shooters.

Reload 32 (4/0) 28 (4/1)

Fires 6 bolts at once

Popping power 23 (4/0) 32 (4/1)

Cost: 20000

Path 2

High Power Bolts

Shoots bigger, stronger bolts that punish vast numbers of bloons.

Reload 65, popping power 28, range 115

Cost: 1100

Advanced AI

Reprogram your machine to shoot further and take down those pesky camos.

Range 130, can target Camos.

Cost: 1600

Supercharged Bolts

Bolts are now loaded with enough energy to take down 5 layers of bloons.

Layer 5 Reload 59 (0/3) 41 (2/3)

Cost: 11000

Ray of Thunder

Ray of Thunder ability:

For 10 seconds, instead of firing lightningbolts, it fires a single ray with the following stats: Reload: 1

Layer: 3

Popping Power: 5

Recharge: 55 seconds

Secondary: Range of 135

Cost: 12000

Again, pictures thanks to LoverofAllThingsCute.

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