Electric Blimp

Round: 122

Hits: 3500

Speed: 2x slower then zomg

It shoots thunder at towers expect the wizard monkey

Lighting Bolt wont do much damage through.

Lighting Bolt Damage: 1-2 Damage

Shurkins are super affetive against Electric Blimp(Ninja Monkey)

1 Shurkin: 10 Damage

2 Shurkins: 20 Damage

5 Shurkins: 50 Damage(15% Chance of Crtcial Damage)1250 Damage

Flash Bomb: 5 Blast Stun Damage

it looks like a yellow BFB with a Thunder Bolt on the middle.

It can damage from moab maluers too but only does x5 damage

Useful To Kill A Electric Blimp

Use a lot of 4/0, 4/1 and 4/2 Ninja Monkey

Temple Of Sun God Using: 3 MOAB Assaint 1 Ice Ball

1 MOAB Asstaint with Temple Of Sun God: 50 Damage

3 MOAB Asstaint With Temple of Sun God: 150 Damage

Ice Ball with Temple of Sun God: 24 Damage

150+24=174 Damage

Use 100 Dart Monkeys with Exploding Darts.

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