The Earth Monkey is a tower that looks like a Monkey covered in dirt and mud. Without upgrades, it shoots a ball of mud about the size of a dart that explodes on impact, popping more bloons and covering them with mud, which makes them move slower (Not as slow as glue).$700


Path 1

Bigger Projectiles

  • Each projectile that the Earth Monkey shoots can pop 5 bloons. $560

Even Bigger Projectiles

  • Each projectile that the Earth Monkey shoots can now pop 7 bloons. $1000

Rock Shooter

  • Instead of mud the Earth Monkey now shoots 3 rocks that are really sharp. Each can pop 2 layers off of each bloon it hits, up to a max of 10. $5000

Earth Shooter

  • Now the Earth Monkey also shoots balls of mud and dirt along with the rocks. The balls of mud can each pop 5 bloons, but they explode, and the balls of dirt can each pop 7 bloons. Shoots all projectiles at the same time. $9000

Path 2

Better Sight

  • Earth Monkey can throw farther and see Camo Bloons. $300

Faster Shooting

  • Earth Monkey can shoot twice as fast. $700

Rock Launcher

  • Earth Monkey gets a gun made of rocks that shoots gigantic rock missiles that have huge explosions and can pop 15 bloons per missile. $6000

Missile Storm Ability

  • Missile Storm Ability: Earth Monkey shoots missiles rapidly that home on bloons for 10 seconds. $8000

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