Dream World
Dream World
Difficulty ???
Terrain Celestial
Entrances 5
Exits 5
Water? No

The Dream World is a difficulty-less secret track. That's because it's accessible from ANY track. It features some kind of heaven as a background, a Heaven's Gate with a heart-shaped lock, a rainbow and a star trail.

How to get to Dream World

  • First, get a 4/x Black Void Shooter and a x/4 Time Leaper, place them near each other.
  • Next, use an Absolute Void and a Distorting Portal so that the 2 portals literally "fuse" with each other, being shot at the same place and nearly the same time.
  • Then you'll be asked if you want to go to Dream World or not. Simple, right?

Dream World's special characteristics

  • When you first go to Dream World, your lives will be replenished, all your towers is gone, and you start at Round 1, etc. etc. In short, it's just like starting a brand new game.
  • You can exit Dream World and "resume" the game at anytime using a special "Wake Up" button there. Consider Dream World itself a long "pause".
  • You can't actually die in Dream World. If you go out of lives there, you'll just be forced to "Wake Up", resuming the real track.
  • Once you exit Dream World, all of your towers, money, lives, etc. return to normal, told you, it's just like a long "pause". However, you'll keep the XP you earned in Dream World.

Track Paths

  • As always, the start and end of each path is marked on the track layout.
  • Path 1: The bloons can just move from the top to the bottom of the star trail. This is the shortest way.
  • Path 2 & 3: The bloons can enter from either side of the gate, pass the heart and exit from the bottom.
  • Path 4 & 5: The bloons can enter from EITHER side of the rainbow and exit at the opposite side. This can become quite chaotic later on.


  • The BGM of this track is Pure Pure Heart (Curse Copyright for disabling the audio of all full versions I found! Copyright why you hate K-On and animes in general :(( )


  • This is the champion of the Tracks arena of the second Conception Tournament!
Tracks Trophy

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