The Doohickey that Emulates Raging Peril (D.E.R.P.) is a boss bloon in BTD6. It takes 10,000 hits to pop. It appears at round 95.


Smoke Bomb

The D.E.R.P. can emit smoke bombs to paralyze a single tower for 2 seconds, and deals 10 HP.

Water Blast

The D.E.R.P. can shoot water at a single tower, which paralyzes it for 1.25 seconds, and deals 15 HP.


Eliminating BFDI (video below)

Eliminating BFDI

Eliminating BFDI


It takes 10,000 hits to pop. Its RBE is: 66,624 (4 times the RBE of a single Z.O.M.G.) + its health.

It looks like: a BFB, except it is white with yellow stripes and a no symbol over a smiley face.

When it dies, you are greeted by: 4 ZOMG's, and the music returns to normal.


Eliminating BFDI (BGM) by jacknjellify