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Disguise Bloons have more of an effect, so like Camo, Regen, and Spawner, it can be any type of Bloon. These are in disguise. The Bloon will have a D.

D Colors

  • The D is black to any Bloon, except for Black, Zebra, Two-Faced and Spawner Bloons.
  • The D is white for a Black Bloon.
  • The D is pink for Zebra Bloons, Two-Faced Bloons and Spawner Bloons.

Immunities and Hits

  • A Disguise Zebra Bloon which is really a Pink Bloon is immune to bombs and ice, but releases a Yellow Bloon.
  • A Disguise Two-Faced Bloon which is really a Zebra Bloon has the same properties as a Two-Faced Bloon, but spawns a black and a white.

Invalid Disguises

There are some rules for disguise.

  • M.O.A.B Class Bloons cannot be disguised.
  • No Bloon can be disguised as a M.O.A.B. Class Bloon.
  • Bloons cannot be disguised as the Bloon one rank lower than itself.

Sandbox Mode

When you click the "Disguise" checkbox, there will be a Spawn button and a Switch button. Here is what the buttons do.


Spawns your Bloon.


Switches between the normal layer and the disguise layer.


One second after the bloon has spawned, a Ghast sound effect will be played and the ghost of the real Bloon will see the bloon's real form.

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