Dirt Road
Difficulty Extreme
Terrain Grassland
Entrances 5
Exits 1
Water? No

Dirt Road is an Extreme Difficulty track. It consists of 5 entrances, and 1 exit (on the bottom). A Monkey once wrote STOP! near the exit with a stick (shown in the picture), mostly because that Monkey might of thought it was funny. Near the exit, there used to be a chain fence but it was taken down for an unknown reason.

This Track is unlocked at Rank 65.


  • No Special Agents!
  • 100 MM per attempt


  • Easy: 1,000,000 XP and 500 AP
  • Medium: 1,500,000 XP and 750 AP
  • Hard: 2,000,000 XP and 1000 AP


  • This track bears some similarity to Railway Track.
  • This is the music that plays on the track.

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