Dimensional Bloon

The Dimensional Bloon is the boss of The Melancholy of Black Void Shooter. It doesn't spawn any children, takes 50000 hits to pop, and has the following abilities:

  • Data Overwrite: Undo the last upgrade of all of your towers.
  • Install: Creates 500 bloons of various kinds, though no MOAB-Class Bloon, boss bloon or Purple Bloon or lower-ranked bloons will ever be spawned.
  • Update: Upgrades all the spawned bloons by 1 rank.


  • It's a mysterious bloon god that moves across various dimensions.
  • It was initially called the "Data Bloon", but since there're many data-related things on this wiki already so I changed the name.
  • It has a SOS Brigade symbol on it.
  • It's actually E.N.T.I.T.Y.'s physical avatar, and has indirectly triggered the events of BTD6!