The Destroyed MMBFB Carrier is a Somewhat Tricky track that has 2 exits & 2 entrances, it looks like a desert with a destroyed MMBFB Carrier in it's first flight, you cannot place towers on or near the MMBFB Carrier because of its scorching heat. The heat will burn up your towers! dealing 1 HP every 2 seconds.

MMBFB Carrier Destroyed

I did my best from the info you've given from the original picture! You can use it or not, it's up to you.

Destroyed MMBFB Carrier


Somewhat Tricky






Yes, but evaporates after 10 rounds


The bloons go in the entrance at the right and exit to the left of the track. The other path is that the bloons go at the second entrance at the left, around the large hole and exit near the entrance of the first path.

Track Appearance

Well, it sort of looks like a desert, but only a bit of water is there, and there is a destroyed MMBFB Carrier in the center of the track


  • Also, this is the first time Meta give an artwork for my track! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I'm too hyped
  • This is the first time the mmbfb is used as an object, then destroyed
  • After 10 rounds, the water will evaporate due to the flames on the MMBFB Carrier and the scorching heat of the sun
  • due to the MMBFB's intense size, anything is small in comparison and recommended to zoom in/out by rolling the mouse wheel
  • It is one of the largest tracks that Tat1101 made, making a black/white bloon or a dart monkey being tiny if placed
    • The size is 4.6km of the track itself, one of the largest tracks that Tat1101 makes
  • Tat1101 will never or maybe explain why the MMBFB Carrier is destroyed

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