Deserted Battlefield
Lightning Scar
Difficulty Extreme
Terrain Barren
Entrances 4
Exits 8
Water? No

Deserted Battlefield is a flaming track taking place in the rocky ruins of a fierce battle, with destroyed Spectres and Ground Zeroes scattered everywhere. There's no water in this track. Monkeys can't spawn on the destroyed planes nor on the plants.This track is unlocked at Rank 65.

Track Paths

Bloons enter from the 4 entrances, 2 on the left side, 2 on the right side, then randomly exit through each of the 8 exits, making this a very complex and chaotic track as all the paths are linked to each other. (If they decide to go the shortest way, you're DOOMED!) See the image to see it better. (S = Entrance, E = Exit)


No Saves!

No Special Agents!

80 Monkey Money per attempt


Easy: 300 AP, 300000 XP, 300 Monkey Money

Medium: 600 AP, 600000 XP, 600 Monkey Money

Hard: 900 AP, 900000 XP, 900 Monkey Money