Descension is a Special Mission that occurs in the Terrifying Moments track. It is in Medium Difficulty and rewards 350 Monkey Money after completion. 150 x Round completed = Cash each round. The boss of this mission is the mighty M.O.O.N.. But beware! He doesn't comes alone!

"Apopalypse Bloon discovered the location of Grand Monkeyopolis and is trying to rush it with his "special" forces! Some kind of blimp created a magical lightning bolt for bloons to descend from. Your objective is to destroy that blimp before Apopalypse Bloon's forces destroy the city."
― Official description.
"Looks like the bloons don't want to be so high up anymore, so they've decided to descent along a lightning bolt! Are you ready to fight the lords of the night storm?"
― Unofficial description.



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