Prices are in Medium.


Demolition Monkey is a Monkey that shoots bombs. It's like the Bomb Tower except with different upgrades.

This tower costs 600.

Path 1

Lock n' Load

Increases explosion radius, and bombs will travel faster. Cost: 300

Bloontonium Bombs

Bombs will now hurt Black and Zebra Bloons. Cost: 650

Spiked Ball Shooter

Like the Spike Factory's upgrade Spiked Balls except that it fires much slower. When 5 Bloons get past a ball, it'll explode. Up to 8 Balls can be placed. Cost: 1780

Trio Shot

Shoots 3 Bombs at once! Cost: 7560

Path 2

Long Shot Bombs

Increases the range. Cost: 430

Live Bombs

Bombs contain a strange chemical, in which it becomes animate and it will now target Bloons. Cost: 940


Every Bomb contains an additional 2 Bombs, exploding up to 3 times. Cost: 1240

Crit Canteen

Crit Canteen Ability: Bombs will now destroy 2-8 Layers of Bloon and will deal 10x damage to MOAB-Class Bloons temporarily. Cost: 8100


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