The Deceptive Chick is a special agent that costs 250 Monkey Money. Despite his little size and the fact that it looks harmless, it is actually very deadly as he is an 8th dan black belt in the art of Bloonjitsu. His cuteness is used to stun the bloons that come nearby temporarily while he uses his katana to slice them into pieces. It looks like a little yellow chick with a red (black when it's a pro) headband with a shiny silver katana.

Deceptive Chick Pro

The Deceptive Chick Pro is obtained after placing it twenty times, making this half the price that it costs to get the Bloonsday Device Pro. This gives it the Shredder Special Ability which allows it to shred the strongest bloon on the map into pieces, it can take down anything up to a ZOMG and it has a 60 second recharge time.