Death Bloons is a bloon advancement.Death Bloons take 2 more hits to pop and are immume to Camo Detectors and explosions (even bloontonium ones).They have a small Sentry Gun on them as an appearance.Death Bloons can be Camo Death Bloons or Regen Camo Death Bloons and Normal Death Bloons.They can be very dangerous, especially with a Ceramic Bloon, which takes 12 hits to pop the first layer.Final Battle Bloons or Bosses can not be Death Bloons and MOAB-Class Bloons needs to be Death Bloons itself to be Death Bloons like the MK-IV or V which are camo theirselves or being in a special mission.They also have attacks and the attacks are: 

  • Power Bullet: Shoots a death bullet from it's sentry gun dealing 20HP to a tower.Can shoot 2 bullets in one shot.
  • The Death Punch: Punches towers, dealing 60HP to 2 towers.Cannot punch Giant Buildings and above (Satanic Towers, Monkey Builders etc).

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