Dart Turret-Buffered-Larger Size-By Leonardo Vergara Concha-Chile


"This Tower Shoots Large, Sharp Darts, That Can Pop 4 Bloons Each. Good For Replace Bucaneers When There's No Water"

Type-Shot, Dart

Rate-As a Buccaneer

Range-As a Boomerang Thrower Flight-Twice the Range.

Price- $500


Path 1

Side Shots-Adds 2 Tacks to Each Cannon's Shot. Price $300

Armor Piercing- Darts Pierce Through Ice and Metal. Price $400

Rocket Fireworks-Rockets Produces a Powerful, Flashy Explosion, Can hit Bloons Many times. (Think on a Extra Pierce Tack Sprayer that Pops Metal+Ring Of Fire, Explodes after Max. Pierce. Monkey Fort Gives +1 To EACH ONE OF THE 16 FRAGS) Price $2800

Monkey's New Year-Stuns All Bloons Onscreen for 10 Seconds with Sheer Awesomeness. (Stuns ALL Bloons. Also Gives Unlimited Range and Camo Detection. Pops Once Every Second) Price:Priceless, Cost-$5000 Cooldown:A Year, Fireworks Recharge-90 Seconds.

Path 2

Faster Shooting-Shoots Faster. (20%) Price $300

Twin Cannon-Fires 2 Shots at Once. Price $650

Double Twin-Fires Twice as Fast. Price $1900

Battery Shooter-With 3 Quad Cannons. It just Dishes out Power. Price $4500

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