A mysterious monkey coming from another dimension, the primate looks like Reimu and shoots 5-spread bullets. Pierces only 1 bloon.

Initial Stats:

HP Range: Armored Monkeys

Fire Rate: 33

Range: 1/0 Ninja Monkey

Medium Cost: $600

Upgrade Paths

Path 1

Unlocked Monkey

"Making the monkey a magician or a witch, the monkey now propels 3-spread star bullets at bloons. Each bullet now lasts 5 pierces."

Medium Cost: $385

Air's Maiden

"The Danmaku Monkey's now a shrine maiden again! Now pops open 4 tiny tornadoes before shooting."

Medium Cost: $1700

Seppette for the Dead Monkey

"A cresent bullet overrides the stars, while giving the bullet a 21-bloon puncture."

Fire Rate: 60

Medium Cost: $4250

And Then They Were Popped

"U.N. Owen was a monkey! As a very popular character, it now shoots a double-s spiral colored red. Each bullet now pops only 4 bloons each, but each one deals 6 damage to M.O.A.B.-Class bloons! If you're a bloon, you are next..."

Fire Rate: 4

Medium Cost: $13,000

Path 2

Monkey of the Azure Sky

"Turns into a half-monkey half-ghost (not half-human). The monkey's increased range and camo detection has been added."

Range: 2/0 Dart Monkey

Medium Cost: $680

Master of Puppets

"Occasionally throw a monkey figurine that removes regen status from bloons. Also has a 5-bloon pierce."

Fire Rate: 69 (doll)

Medium Cost: $970

Third Eye

"Gains a third eye that shows the stats of nearby towers within range (eg. current health, popping power, how many layers it is capable of popping, whether or not it can pop camo). Oh, and, when it targets a camo bloon, all nearby towers will have a 50% chance to target it as well. This is not affected by Night."

Medium Cost: $4,000

Nuclear Fusion

"Changes into a hell raven with a fuse as short as a atomic bomb. With a special arm weapon called a "Third Leg", the monkey fires a miniature Ray of Doom that has a popping power of 50. Special Ability: Nukes the track that rips off 10 layers of bloons and gives them napalm."

Fire Rate: 1

Medium Cost: $13,000

Changes for each upgrade

  • 1-0: Marisa Kirisame
  • 2-0: Sanae Kochiya
  • 3-0: Remilia Scarlet
  • 4-0: Flandre Scarlet
  • 0-1: Youmu Konpaku
  • 0-2: Alice Margatroid
  • 0-3: Satori Komeji
  • 0-4: Utsuho Reiuji
  • Rest make no changes.


  • You know it's a reference.
  • If sacrificed by a TotMG, a special bullet will be shot...
  • The 4th upgrades have the same cost. Hmm...