Cyborg Monkey
Cyborg Monkey is a new BTD5 tower (and a free DLC for BTD5 Deluxe), created by me. It costs 2125 in Easy, 2500 in Medium and 2700 in Hard.


  • Range: 350px (in full screen)
  • Speed: 2 energy balls fired per second
  • Popping Power: 5
  • Pop Leads and Ice?: Yes
  • Detect Camo?: No


Looks similar to Technological Terror (because it was built by the same scientist), but it's made of silver and platinum, his eyes are bright green, his mouth is smaller, the green tubes in his head and arms has a bright green liquid flowing through them and it has a bright green circular power source.


"Cyborg Monkey can shoot 2 bright green energy balls at a fast rate that pop 5 bloons each. It has many upgrades for add more weapons to it's arsenal"


Path 1

Big Balls

Bigger energy balls pop 12 bloons and are fired with greater speed.

Cost: Easy: 1275; Medium: 1500; Hard: 1620

Radioactive Blue Energy

Blue Energy Balls shreds 2 bloons layers and doubles the damage to ceramic bloons.

Cost: Easy: 2125; Medium: 2500; Hard: 2700

Third Arm

Creates a third arm in the bright green center of the Cyborg Monkey, for firing maximum effectiveness. With this, Cyborg Monkey can shoot 3 Balls instead of 2.

Cost: Easy: 4250; Medium: 5000; Hard: 5400


Creates a Cyber-Gun in Cyborg Monkey's head; a very effective weapon that shoots 3 times per second and pierce 4 layers. It's little, but hurts.

Cost: Easy: 5525; Medium: 6500; Hard: 7020

Path 2

Secured area

Increases by 20% the attack range of the Cyborg Monkey.

Cost: Easy: 680; Medium: 750; Hard: 810

Mini Missiles

Adds mini missile launchers to the Cyborg Monkey's shoulders, that seek bloons automatically. It can pop a maximum of 20 bloons per explosion.

Cost: Easy: 3400; Medium: 4000; Hard: 4320

Electric Energy Balls

Special Cannons shoots Electric Energy Balls, that electrocutes and paralyzes bloons after being popped.

Cost: Easy: 2975; Medium: 3500; Hard: 3780


Mega-Powered Special Ability: Increase x10 the fire rate of all the weapons of the Cyber Monkey for 10 seconds.

Cost: Easy: 17000; Medium: 20000; Hard: 21600


  • Energy Balls are similar to Monkey Apprentice's Fireballs (BTD5), but larger and bright green.



Upgrade Pics

NOTE: I'm not English speaking, so if you see an error, warns in the comments. Thanks :)

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