The Construction Monkey is a monkey that can heal towers in it's range that have been damaged by bloon attacks. In it's original form it cannot heal itself. It heals 4 HP of damage every 12 seconds.

Price: 1000$ on Medium

Path 1

More Workers

Towers are now healed at twice the rate!

Price: 500$ on Medium


Construction Monkey can now heal up to 3 towers at a time!

Price: 1500$ on Medium

Home Improvement

Towers healed by Construction Monkey now take twice as many hits to be destroyed!

Price: 6000$ on Medium


Destroyed towers are now recreated at the end of each round and there is a 25% chance of gaining 1 token. (tokens can be used to gain a free tower or upgrade: 1 for a tower, 2 for the first upgrade, 3 for the second, etc. super monkeys and other towers of similar power cost twice as many tokens.)

Price: 21000$ on Medium

Path 2

Shop Expansion

Construction Monkey's range is expanded!

Price: 300$ on Medium

Range increased even further and $15 of cash is generated for every tower fixed.

Price: 1500$ on Medium


Construction Monkey can now heal any tower on the map and generate $30 per fix.

Price: 6500$ on Medium

Defense Construction

Special Ability: For the next 30 seconds, all towers are immune to damage taken from any bloons (including bosses and final bloons)!

Price: 12500$ on Medium

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