Color Coded is a Special Mision in BTD5. It is unlocked at rank 40 and played on Snake River on Hard mode. However, there is a twist: Bloons can only be popped be towers that look like the specific bloon! (Red Bloons can be popped by 1/0 snipers, Blue Bloons can be popped by 0/3 Boomerang Throwers, etc. This applies to blimps but not to road items). Projectiles thrown do affect which bloons a tower can pop (Darts can pop black bloons and Boomerangs can pop ceramic). Any towers in the range of a MIB can pop all types of bloons and blimps. Bloon immunities still apply, however. Also, every 10 rounds, 20 of a random bloon type (from Red to Black/White) will appear on the screen. In addition to all of that, all bloon ranks below ceramic (except for Lead) will be upgraded a level. Completing this mission will reward you $800 MM, 50 AP, and 50000 XP.