Cloudy Planet
Venus Track
Difficulty Advanced
Terrain Outer Space
Entrances 3
Exits 3
Water? No

The Cloudy Planet track is a track with a planet with a lot of clouds ! (Venus). This is an advanced track (There are 3 entrances and 3 exits and you can place towers on the clouds). Beat the Jupiter Track to unlock it !

Secret : ↓

If you have 10 disciples of fire, and 10000$ (or more), an message will appear : ↓

Did you want to activate the rage of the space ?

Click yes and your 10 disciples will be sacrificed, you will lose 10000$ but the clouds will disappear and a giant alien monkey will appear ! The Alien shoots fireballs really fast (2 per seconds). The alien look like a giant dart monkey with strange ears.
Alien Dart Monkey

The alien Dart Monkey.

Rewards :

Easy : 100 MM

Medium : 175 MM

Hard : 225 MM

Bonus : If you beat the track on hard with only apprentices, you will get 3 NK coins the first time around.