The Christmas Monkey is like a Spike Factory, but is free aiming and slightly faster firing. He throws baubles, which turn into 1/2 the amount of road spikes that you would buy, but can pop it on impact as well.

Range: Spike Factory


Cost: 810

Path 1

Glass Baubles

This upgrade makes the baubles made of glass, so they now produce 1-1/2 as many road spikes that you would buy.

Cost: 670

Time-Bomb Teddy

This now makes it so that the tower throws an explosive teddy bear every 5 shots which can pop a lead.


Matryoshka Bauble

Now when the bauble is thrown, once it hits, a second bauble emerges and shatters as well, which also increases range to the equivalent of a Super Monkey with Super Range.

Cost: 2775

Fragmentation Decoration

Decks the Halls with lots of baubles that once they explode, they split into 4. The Teddy attack is also now upgraded to every 3 shots, and has the Frag Bombs effect from the Bomb Tower. Now also attacks 3/4 the speed of a Super Monkey.

Cost: 9250

Path 2

Stronger Arm

The monkey now has slightly more range and faster firing (Spike Factory - Even Faster Production).

Cost: 680

Christmas Spirit

Some good old Christmas Cheer has inspired this monkey and other monkeys in its radius to attack 20% faster, and to detect camo bloons.

Cost: 1550

Pine Tree Plunder

At random, the monkey throws out a mini Christmas Tree that shoots pine needles, that are like darts. The pine trees also act as 20 road spikes

Cost: 4500

Rubber Snow

It literally turns the bloons into rubber snow! Ability: 20 Pine Trees pop up and shoot as fast as Super Monkeys in all directions for 20 seconds!

So, Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and tell me what you think

Happy Holidays!

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