The Chocolate Bloon (or Choco Bloon) is a bloon made of chocolate that takes 25 hits to pop and moves the same speed as a Green Bloon. If it is not popped in less than 3 seconds, its shell will become tough, fully regains his HP, gains 25 extra and uses its tasty ability:
  • Yummy Sacrifice - As soon as the shell becomes tough, he launches itself to the closest monkey-only tower which forces it to eat the bloon immobilizing it for 5 seconds but after that the monkey shoots 40% faster for 5 seconds (chocolate is full of energy) and after that it permanently shoots 3% slower (the monkey is fatter) (34 Choco Bloons to the same tower and it's over for it!). (NOTE: You can pop the bloon before a tower eats it!)
    • The towers affected by it also get a little fatter for each Choco Bloon eaten if you have the OM NOM NOM Skin.

These first appear at round 45.

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