Chaotic Essence

The actual size is much smaller than this.

The Chaotic Essence is a rare item that sometimes appear when you successfully kill a M.O.A.B-Class Bloon (about 1% chance). You can collect it then apply it to either a bloon, a tower or use it to craft chaotic items.

  • For Towers: When applied to a tower, the Essence may give that tower a free upgrade.... or destroy it, depending on your luck.
  • For Bloons: When applied to a bloon/blimp, the Essence may pop that bloon instantly or deals 2000 HP damage to that blimp... or evolve it, depending on your luck.
  • It can't be applied to Level 4 towers and blimps that are already at the top of their line.

So... will this cursed orb help or hinder your progress? I don't know...!


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