Chaos Bloon (Blimp Form) Is The True Boss Of The Mission, Final Battle.

Stats And Attacks:


HP: 160000

Parent Of: Chaos Bloon.

Child Of: Nothing.


Retains All Attacks Of Chaos Bloon.

Odd-er Music: Summons Odd Music, But It Has X10 Stats!

Spawn BFBs: Flies Around The Screen For 10 Seconds, Spawning 2 BFB Each Second!

Spawn ZOMGs: Flies Around The Screen For 20 Seconds, Spawning 1 ZOMG Each Second!

Red Rush Of Doom: Spawns 1000000 Red Bloons In A VERY Dense Rush.

Penny Pinching Wrath: First, Steals 3/4 Of Your Cash, Then It Summons 100 Pennypincher Bloons, 25 K.R.A.B.S And 10 M.O.A.R's.


This Blimp Will Give You A Game Over If It Leaks.