Builder's Lab is a Speciality Building for Monkey Builder.A special secret is that you will have 4 tiers when you do a specific thing!


  • Decreases the price of Monkey Builders and their upgrades by 10%.Cost: 1250 MM
  • Increases the range of Monkey Builders by 5%.Cost: 1250 MM
  • Summons a sword near it which kills any bloon in it's radius (Summon Sword Ability).Cost:1750 MM
  • Summons an office near the Monkey Builder which contains 2 Bureaus and 2 Monkey Towns which can attack bloons (Summon Office Ability).Cost: 2150 MM

How to unlock Tier 4 Speciality

  • First,you need to do all the steps to get the MK-V Acheivement if you have'nt done that.
  • Then beat a special mission having Blaster at the final level or Direct Assault 2.
  • Now replay the mission you had beaten.This time leave the boss or big finale with only less than 20% health of the boss.
  • Again replay the mission you replayed.This time kill the big finale or boss!
  • Now go to the Medals tab.You may see a red Z.O.M.G with a size of Black Bloon below the medal of the mission you had beaten and replayed.Click it.Monkey Lab may appear with the red Z.O.M.G you clicked and nothing else exept the Builder's Lab Tier 4 Speciality with no option to buy.
  • Now go to Speciality Buildings lab.Go to Builder's Lab and you will see the Summon Sword Ability button.Click it.You will get a test on Summon Office Ability in Sandbox Mode.Have fun using your Tier 4 Super-Powerful Ability!

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