The Boxer Monkey is a tower the size of a tack shooter, and can pop 4 layers at a time. It punches at the speed of a Glue Gunner and has the range of a tack shooter 0/2.

Can pop: Regular Bloons, Camo, Zebra/White/Black

Can't pop: Lead, Ceramic

Bloons killed his father', now he wants retribution

Cost: 900/1050/1320

Path 1

Uppercut Flurry: 700/900/1100

The monkey now punches the same speed as a Sniper Monkey 0/3.

Kick Boxer: 1000/1100/1350

A powerful kick is added to the boxer's arsenal, which can knock bloons back to the start, pops a random amount of layers each kick, and sometimes has an explosive effect.

Monkey Fantastic: 2550/2750/3000

Due to an extensive bloon hatred, he has evolved the ability to stretch his arms and legs to enourmous lengths, thus making his range equal to a 0/1 Super Monkey. Also, sometimes he moulds his hands into a spiked hammer shape, that is especially good for crushing ceramics.

Worldwide Clothesline: 5525/5700/6000

With this move, the Boxer Monkey lashes out, doing a clothesline around the map 20% of the time, that can pop up to 20 bloons at once!

Path 2

Bigger Gloves: 350/450/650

Due to bigger and harder gloves, the primate now pops 6 layers per punch.

Heated Hands: 400/500/620

This tower can now pop lead bloons!

Revenge, Served Cold: 1870/2000/2250

The gloves have liquid nitrogen surging through them, so they can freeze with the effect of Ice Shards upgrade for the Ice Tower, and still pop lead

King Kong: 9250/10000/12500

Ability: Mini Monkey Aces circle him, and his punches now do double damage, for 30 seconds. Also, will throw the monkey aces occasionally, which gets rid of one, but causes an explosion.

Verdict in the comments please!

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