Battle Arena (There is no exit, the bloons just keep going around.

Every game has a Boss Rush mode, so why not BTD?! In this new mode, you're given 10000$ cash to start, and you're given a HUGE sum of money after each round! You must fight a series of bosses here, one for each round. If you complete this mode, you'll get a Platinum medal for that track. You must get the gold medal for a track first before you can play Boss Rush on that track.

NOTE: The tenth round won't be unlocked until you've completed the Final Battle! If you haven't completed it yet, then this mode will end at round 9 and you'll get a Platinum medal for completing it. If you unlocked the tenth round and completed it, then your Platinum medal will be replaced with an Emerald medal! The Boss Rush mode with a 10th round can be referred to as "Boss Rush F", and is now one of the last things the player can unlock!


  • You can buy this mode for 1200 MM after reaching Rank 54.
  • This is pretty hard, especially after round 2.

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