Tip: First read at BossSandBlimp one and then the boss mode one.


Its a blimp that takes 50000 Hit Damage in BOSS MODE!

Sharp Stuff are very effetive against sand blimps but not as effetive against from moab maluers

When Boss Dies, it explodes for 10 secs into 50 very tight sand bloons.

Dart Monkey Non-Upgraded: 1 Damage

Dart Monkey Upgraded: 8-21 Damage

Tack Shooter Non-Upgraded: 2-5 Damage

Tack Shooter(Ring of fire): 2-5 Damage(56% chance to burn damage does 20 Damage)

Tack Shooter(Blade): 13-20 Damage

Boomrang Monkey Non-Upgraded: 13% chance to damage 2-3 Damage

Boomrang Monkey(With Red Boomrang Upgrade): 13% chance to damage 2-3 damage and 9% Chance to burn damage 10 Damage)

Boomrang Monkey:(With Glaive Lord Upgrade): 20% More chance to damage 2-3 and ring has 1% Chance to critcal damage(500-1000 Hits)

Sniper Monkey Non-Upgrade and Upgraded: 2-10 Damage and 88% chance to critcal damage(55-75 Damage)

Ninja Monkey Non-Upgraded: 29% Chance to 13-17 Damage

Ninja Monkey Upgraded With 2 Shurkins: 12% more chance to 17-21 Damage

Ninja Monkey Upgraded with 5 Shurkins: 25% more chance to 21-30 Damage

Ninja Monkey Upgraded with Flash Bomb: Doesnt Increse chance and damage but 20% Chance to critcal damage(50-77 Damage)

Bomb Towers Non-Upgraded and Upgraded: 99% Chance to 50 Damage

Ice Towers: 0 Damage

Glue Gunner: 0 Damage(1 Damage when 2/0) (3 Damage When 3/0) (10 Damage When 4/0)

Monkey Buccner Non-Upgraded: 5-8 Damage

Monkey Buccner With Grape Shot: Critcal Damage 90% Chance(100-105 Damage)

Monkey Buccner With Cannon Bombs: 12-18 Damage

Monkey Buccner MOAB Takedown ablitty is immune from BossSandBlimp

Monkey Ace non-upgraded: 1-3 Damage

Monkey Ace with Spetuce: 10-20 Damage Every Shot(great stragy to kill the boss)

Monkey Ace With Nuke Abilty: 1000-2500 Damage(Another Great Stargy to kill the boss)

In Boss Mode, Super Monkeys Are Disbaled

So is Special Agents.

Monkey Wizard without upgraded: 7-8 Damage

Monkey Wizard with upgrade lighting bolt: 1-30 Damage

Monkey Wizard with Dragon Breath: 1-30 Damage with burn damage-50

Monkey Village is disblad in boss mode.

So is banana farms

Motars without upgraded: 99% Chance to 9-10 damage

Motars With 2/4 Upgraded: 77% Chance to Get Stun and Burn-200

Motars With 4/2 Upgraded: 19% chance to get 500-1000 Damage

Dartling Guns Without Upgraded: Same as Dart Monkey

Dartling Guns to Rocket Upgrade: 18-20 Damage

Dartling Guns To Laser Cannon: 50-100 Damage

Dartling Guns To Ray of Doom: 200-350 Damage

Spike Factory Non-Upgraded: 1-1.5 Damage

Spike Factory Upgraded to Hot Spikes: Increse Health to BossSandBlimp

Spike Factory Upgraded to Spike Ball: 5-7 Damage

Spike Factory Upgraded to Death Spike Ball: 13-20 Damage(99% Chance to burn damage) 678 Damage

Ok and thats how much damage they do.

They Should add bossandblimp and bossmode for next 2 weeks.

Boss Mode

You start with 1000000 Cash

And you have 150 lives

Super Monkeys are disbled

Monkey Buccner MOAB Takedown Ablitty is Disbled

When you click on it, it will do nothing, stays there, no cooldown.

Monkey Village is disbaled because no help towers allowed

Banana Farms are disbaled because you cant make money on this mode.

so is the last upgrade for sniper at path 2.


Add some bosses in this page

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3: 1 BossSandBlimp

Round 4:

Round 5:

Boss Mode Picture Looks like ZOMG Bloon with the big word says BOSS!

If you lose, you lose a million xp!

If you win, you win a million xp! or get it back!

No monkey money earned on that one

Boss Mode cant be on expert and extreme mode

or that will be too impossible to win.

and if you enter boss mode, it will say like this:

Welcome to boss mode. you start with 1000000 money and 150 lives and sometimes its kinda glitchy sometimes says medium somtimes says Boss Mode and you cant make money from farms and popping bosses and bloons and super monkeys are disbaled and MOAB Takedown Ablity.

Sometimes upgrading it your MOAB Takedown Ablity upgrade is you wasted your money.

Round 1-2 Easy Bosses

Round 3 Intermetie Bosses

Round 4-5 Hard Bosses.

Put that one that says

round 1, 2, 4 and 5.

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