Bomb Gunner is the secret piece of Monkey Police. It can be used to make Laser Spike's true recipe by finding it. When you have successfully found it, it will appear near the Crafting button. It can be put on Monkey Police and then the all the Monkey Policemen on the screen will change it's attack to bombs. It's appearance is a real-life missle launcher. It can pop 12 layers of bloons at a very fast speed.

How to obtain the Bomb Gunner

  • First go to any track and start a game.
  • Then get a MOAB Takedown, an E.D.L.T and a Rocket Gunner.
  • Now activate the MOAB Takedown and E.D.L.T. After the two abilities are done, activate the Rocket Gunner.
  • Then restart a game (do not restart your saved game) and get a Monkey Police.Now the Bomb Gunner will appear near the Crafting button.Drag it to the Monkey Police.Now you will have it!

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