The Blue Ray of Apopalypyse is a tower that shoots a blue ray of apopalypyse.It is the same ray that the 4/0 or 4/2 Railgun shoots.It is not so powerful though,as it cannot pop MOAB-Class Bloons or Lead Bloons without upgrades but it can pop 150 bloons at once and 7 layers at once.


Pierce:150 Bloons

Path 1

1-Lead Popper

The Blue Ray of Apopalypyse can pop Lead Bloons.

Cost: 960

2-Increased Pierce

The Blue Ray of Apopalypyse can now pop 220 bloons instead of 150

Cost: 1780

3-MOAB-Class Popper

The Blue Ray of Apopalypyse can pop MOAB-Class Bloons.

Cost: 2550

4-Giant MOAB

Ray contains giant MOABs that can pop 390 bloons at once and 44 layers at once!

Cost: 5570

Path 2

1-Higher Layers

The Ray can pop 14 layers at once.

Cost: 1450

2-More Higher Layers

The Ray can pop 19 layers at once.

Cost: 2450

3-Wipeout Ray

The Ray can wipe out any bloon in it's radius when in trouble and it is placed.

Cost: 9870

4-Wipeout Master

Wipeout Master Ability:Wipes out the whole round when activated.

Cost: 15750

Recharge Time:80 seconds

So good,bad,overpowered or less powerful?

Tell me as a comment and I will improve this if nessessary.

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