Bloony Night Full of Stars
Difficulty Extreme
Terrain Space/Starry
Entrances 1
Exits 1
Water? No

Bloony Night Full of Stars is an Extreme track that needs Rank 60 to be unlocked. It occurs in the sky but towers can only be placed in the stars. Even though there is only 1 entrance and 1 exit there are lots of divisions which confuses the towers. The bloons go all around the stars and travel through the grey path which is nearly invisible in-game. The blue circle is the entrance and the red circle is the exit.



  • Easy - 150 AP, 150k XP, 150 Monkey Money
  • Medium - 200 AP, 250k XP, 250 Monkey Money
  • Hard - 250 AP, 400k XP, 400 Monkey Money

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