Bloonsday Device micro

Bloonsday Deve Micro. Note the similarity to the Bloonsday Device

The Bloonsday Device Micro is a miniature Bloonsday Device that can call a space satelitte to shoot laser along a preset trail, much like a mortar (if you "draw" the target of a mortar with a "point", then you "draw" this tower's target with a "line".) The laser can pop 1 layer of every bloon it touches.

Price: 1300$

Path 1

Longer Trail

Enables you to draw a longer target trail.

Price: 400$ on Medium

Ray Holder

The laser will stop for a short time at the end of the target trail, acting as a roadblock and popping 1 layer off any bloon that touches it.

Price: 700$ on Medium

Plugin: Satelitte Cannon

Add a satelitte cannon to your satelitte's arsenal. The satelitte cannon is like a 2/2 mortar with wider blast radius. You can now draw a target trail AND a target point.

Price: 2500$ on Medium

Bloonsday Device PX

Special Ability: Just like using a Bloonsday Device Pro!

Price: 20000$ on Medium

Path 2


Lasers can now pop 2 layers of bloon.

Price: 1500$ on Medium

Condensed Plasma

Lasers now leave a plasma trail behind them for a short moment., which can pop 1 layer of bloon.

Price: 2000$ on Medium

Plugin: Satelitte Rockets

Add a satelitte rocket launcher to your satelitte's arsenal. The satelitte rocket launcher is like a Hydra Rocket Pod that aims like a mortar. You can now draw a target trail AND a target point.

Price': 7500$ on Medium

Bloonsday Device ES

The laser now electrifies bloons so violently that they're popped by 3 layers, burnt, stunned, and can spread that effect like a virus all in one ray!

Price: 15000$ on Medium

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