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Bloons Tower Defense X is a collaborative project being created by ScourgesCustomPlants,Rx2MikeyWIKIA and TheGure.


After many countless Bloon Wars, the Monkeys were forced into hiding by the massive warships. However, they weren't done yet. The leader of the Monkeys created Division X to finally take down Commander Bloon, the leader of the Bloon Army.


These are the towers in BTDX, in order of introduction. Road Spikes and Exploding Pineapples are unlocked the whole game, but are unusable during Tutorial.

Image Name Description Cost Introduced
Dart Monkey BTDX
Dart Monkey Dart Monkeys are the standard infantry unit of the Monkeys. They throw a single dart at a single Bloon. 200 Cash Tutorial, Round 1
Tack Shooter BTDX
Tack Shooter Tack Shooters launch 8 spikes in 8 directions, but with very limited range. 360 Cash Tutorial, Round 6
Boomerang Thrower BTDX
Boomerang Thrower Boomerang Throwers throw boomerangs that come back to them, popping more Bloons than a lowly dart. 295 Cash Tutorial, Round 11
Ice Tower BTDX
Ice Tower Ice Towers freeze Bloons in their path, but frozen Bloons can't be popped by sharp objects. 380 Cash Flower Field, Round 5
Sniper Monkey BTDX
Sniper Monkey Sniper Monkeys expertly pop Bloons with sniper rifles, but fire slowly. 350 Cash Flower Field, Round 11
Bomb Flinger Bomb Flingers fire bombs the can pop anything metal. Has a pretty decent AoE. 360 Cash Flower Fields, Round 20
Mermonkey Mermonkeys throw one piranha that pierces three Bloons at a time and can target underwater enemies. 350 Cash Flooded Fields, Round 1
Monkey Buccaneer BTDX
Monkey Buccaneer Monkey Buccaneers pop Bloons with big darts fired from their waterbound ship. 500 Cash Flooded Fields, Round 20
Bunny Tower
Bunny Tower Bunny Towers are the basic soliders in the Bunny Armada. They toss sharp carrots, like a dart monkey. Though, these carrots instantly pop the Choco layer off of Choco Bloons. 250 Cash Clover Pass, Round 12
Bunny Basher
Bunny Basher Bunny Bashers are the brutes. They smash bloons with a big carrot and can instantly remove the Choco layer off of Choco Bloons. 625 Cash Clover Pass, Round 29
Banana Farm
Banana Farm Banana Farms produce bananas that can be turned into cash when you collect them. To collect the bananas, hover your mouse over the farm. 1000 Cash Clover Pass, Round 41
Monkey Apprentice
Monkey Wizard Monkey Wizards shoot magical bolts at the non-magical bloons and can pop frozen and lead bloons. Although the magic it creates can't hurt Purple Bloons. 350 Cash Mt. Monkey, Round 7
Infiltrator Monkey
Monkey Infiltrator The Monkey Infiltrator creates Bloons of his own to pop the enemy forces! However, the Bloons he creates aren't all that durable. $475 Mt. Monkey, Round 19


These are the bloons in BTDX, in order of introduction.

Image Name Data File Description Cost (in Bloon Assault mode) Layer HP RBE Speed Introduced
Red Bloon Red Bloons are the bare-bones foot soldiers of the Bloon Armada. They're slow, weak, and easy to pop. 1 Bloon Bill 1 1 1 Tutorial, Round 1
Blue Bloon BTDX
Blue Bloon Blue Bloons are faster than Red Bloons, and harbor a Red Bloon to carry on their legacy. 2 Bloon Bills 1 2 2 Tutorial, Round 4
Green Bloon BTDX
Green Bloon Green Bloons are kinda fast, and harbor a Blue Bloon. 3 Bloon Bills 1 3 3 Tutorial, Round 9
Yellow Bloon BTDX
Yellow Bloon Yellow Bloons are pretty dang fast! They can decimate Monkey defenses if not handled properly. 4 Bloon Bills 1 4 4 Flower Fields, Round 4
Pink Bloon BTDX
Pink Bloon Pink Bloons are even faster than Yellow Bloons! Try to pop them quick, or you know what happens! 5 Bloon Bills 1 5 5 Flower Fields, Round 12
Black Bloon X
Black Bloon Black Bloons may be small, but they have big ambitions. Houses 2 pink bloons when popped and are immune to anything explosive. 11 Bloon Bills 1 11 2 Flower Fields, Round 16
White Bloon BTDX
White Bloon White Bloons are similar to their darker counterpart, but immune to anything that's cold. 11 Bloon Bills 1 11 2 Flower Fields, Round 16
Zebra Bloon BTDX
Zebra Bloon Zebra Bloons are the big brother of the Black and White Bloons. They can't be popped by explosives or frozen by the cold. Houses a Black and White Bloon. 23 Bloon Bills 1 23 1 Flower Fields, Round 25
Aquatic Bloon
Aquatic Bloon Aquatic Bloons are home to 5 Blue Bloons and can submerge themselves to avoid your landlubbing towers. 11 Bloon Bills 1 11 3 Flooded Fields, Round 5
Lead Bloon BTDX
Lead Bloon A Lead Bloon is a floating metal bloon that is immune to sharp, pointy objects. 23 Bloon Bills 1 23 2 Flooded Fields, Round 16
Orange Bloon BTDX
Orange Bloon Orange Bloons are really insulated, meaning they're immune to any firey attacks. Houses a Pink Bloon inside. 6 Bloon Bills 1 6 4 Flooded Fields, Round 24
Purple Bloon BTDX
Purple Bloon Trained in the arts of rubbery magic, Purple Bloons can absorb any magical attacks from magical towers. Holds an Orange Bloon. 7 Bloon Bills 1 7 5 Flooded Fields, Round 29
Cyan Bloon BTDX
Cyan Bloon These shiny and vibrant bloons distract towers, forcing them to pop it despite what target priority they're on. 8 Bloon Bills 1 8 4 Flooded Fields, Round 38
Choco Bloon
Choco Bloon These bloons are tough to beat and great to eat! They take more hits than regular bloons, though the Bunnies can easily take care of this layer. Holds 2 Cyan Bloons. 20 Bloon Bills 3 20 4 Clover Pass, Round 14
Cookie Bloon The really delicious looking cookie bloon that was made with dough and chocolate chips, and it's immune to fire and bombs. Holds 3 orange bloons and 1 black bloon. 29 Bloon Bills 1 29 4 Clover Pass, Round 21

Shop Towers

Shop Towers are secondary units that can help you fight off the menacing bloons. Buy a shop tower and keep it forever!

Bloonstones (฿) are used to buy these shop towers.

Image Name Description Cost Shop Cost Availibility
Beekeeper Beekeepers vigorously shake their hives to release bees that attack and latch onto bloons, shaving each layer off. 475 Cash ฿250 Flower Fields, Round 23
Tribal Turtle
Tribal Turtle Tribal Turtles can be placed in water or on land! Tosses coconuts and throws spears. Coconuts deal extra damage to bloons that are well armored. 330 Cash ฿300 Flooded Fields, Round 14
Bloonberry Bush
Bloonberry Bush Bloonberry Bushes are like Road Spikes, but can continueously grow and don't dissapear inbetween rounds. 100 Cash ฿275 Clover Pass, Round 36
Monkey Farmer
Monkey Farmer Tired of hovering your mouse over your Banana Farms to micro a bit more? Well, the Monkey Farmer can collect bananas instantly without your help! 75 Cash ฿150 Mt. Monkey, Round 21