Bloons Tower Defense 5 Expansion Pack is an upgraded version of Bloons Tower Defense 5.This features origional Bloons TD 5 tracks with a few new ones.This game also introduces Multiplayer which can support up to 6 registered users.There are also gonna be 3 brand new towers.


As said above there are gonna be some new tracks.There are gonna be a total of thre tracks witch cost Monkey Money to buy.But in order to buy them you must be at rank 70.

Sling shot Track: This track is beginner.This will have what appear to be sling shots in on the track.The bloons will then zip from the sling shot(As if it where a real sling shot)to the other sling shot.This actually will trick your mind because it will look like they are being flung from the sling shot but instead they are being sped up.MOAB class bloons are unnafected from this.

Spike Factory Track: Another beginner track. The bloons come in from the top left then they go around the spike factory exiting from what looks like where the spikes come from in a normal tack shooter.

Ocean Track: An intermideieat track: This is all Ocean meaning bloons come in from the top left then leave in the top right.Bloons will be forced to loop around the BIG island at least once before leaving.There are islands for normal towers to be placed on however lakes are disabled as this is made up of water.However Pontoons are enabled to place more land towers.


The Spike factory track hides a secret.If you have 20 spike factoriess each upgraded with the Spike carpet upgrade and 50,000 cash you will be asked do you want to activate the Spike Factory.This one is special.This one shoots out spikes that can instant kill any MOAB class bloons including ZOMGs.Unlike the monkey temple this has limited range.

Ocean Track Secret

The ocean track hides a secret.If you are at round 70 on the ocean track have mostly MOAB and BFB grabber upgrades to the Buccaner and 50,000 cash.It will pop up a box saying Do you want to activate a secret.You will not be given another chance till you beat round 400.So do so.If you hit yes a wave will come up then you will be taken to what appears to be an under water version of Monkey lane.

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