Bloons Tower Defense 6 is the next game after Bloons TD 5.This game features new towers and some new bloons plus some new tracks.This will also host some impossible tracks.Plus a story mode.

New bloons

There will be some new bloons along with this.Hence below is a list of what they are what rounds they appear on.

Invisible Bloon:This one is like a camo bloon but different.It is invisible meaning no monkeys can see it not even the players.However after buying the flash light tower your towers can see these and pop them.These however take only 1 life but don't be alarmed if you notice no bloons even close to the exit but still die.A photo for this is currently unavailable.

Light up bloon:These things are a tough one to kill.These light up the map as if there was a really bright light like the sun.However to pop these you must buy the light switch item.Place it near one of your best and powerful trusted tower and it will turn off the lights making them dim so you can see them.These take $10 off you everytime they leave due to their overpriced electric bill.However a sun god and temple of the monkey god can pop these without the light switch.Photo not available

D.E.A.C.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N. bloon:This is bigger than a ZOMG.If your towers try to hit this bloon they are deactivated for 5 seconds.However the technical terror ability is unaffected by this.These spew out 10 ZOMG.


There are 3 new towers along with this.The flashlight only has one upgrade as the light switch has zero.

Path 1

Flashlight:Shines a bright beam at invisible bloons making them visible.

8 way beam:MUST have a tack shooter with no upgrades.This when bought takes the life of your tack shooter and shines eight beams of light out of the old tack shooter.

Light switch

Cost 100

Freeze ball:Another track placeable tower.This when placed allows 20 bloons to be frozen.Costs 40.


This game features tracks from the origional versions.There are 2 impossible tracks.

Ways:This track has bloons comming from 5 enternaces and has them leaving through one enterance.

More Ways:This has bloons coming from 10 enterances and has them leaving through one enterance.

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