Red bloon

HP: 1

Speed: 10 (Slow)

XP: 1

Defense: 1

Weakness: Anything +100%

Attacks: Bump. Run into it, you're bumped back (0-1 Dmg.)


Sun God

HP: 1000

Speed: 80 (Fast)

XP: 4000

Defense: 100

Strenghts: Light Heals him. Fire/Ice/Lightning/Physical -50%

Weakness: "Awesomized" +50% Heavy, Ki, Plasma, Laser +10%

Attacks: Sun Blast. 3 Beams, one straight, two diagonally. Sun Beam. Ray hits one, then 3 squares wide, forward. Solar Flash. Blinds for 2 seconds, a 7x7 area. Invincible while using. Warp. Warps to where you are. Scares the bananas (you may drop something) out of you.

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