Great Clock Battle-Something To Continue With-By Leonardo Vergara Concha-Chile

Once Monkeys And Bloons Lived In Peace, Bloons Challenging Monkeys To Pop As Much As They Can. After All, Bloons Can't Die. But From Nowhere...A Race Of Bloon-Like Aliens Set Alarm! -They Were Going To Use The Bloonsday Device To TURN ALL THE MONKEYS INTO "BALLOONS" Whatever That Is. There Was Evidence Of Light Energy Into The Process...

Involved In All This, (Insert Name), Just A Dart Monkey, Has, By Some Reason, To Settle A Score Against The "Balloons"


Dart Monkey

Weapons: Darts. Specials: Splodey Dart, Triple Darts, Razor Dart. Super: Super Monkey, x4 Speed x2 Defense.

Ninja Monkey (Uses Needles, Kunais, Shurikens, Flash Bombs, Spears, Poison Needles, Katanas, Flaming katanas)

Soldier Monkey

Weapons: Dartling Guns Special: Various Mortars. Super:

Sniper Monkey(Uses Sniper Rifles)

Monkey Engineer (Uses Sentries, Spike Factories, Shocker, Nailgun)

Fighter Monkey (Uses Kicks, Ki Waves, Ki Fireballs, Ki Beams)

Wizard Monkey(Uses Magic Shot, Lightning Chain, Fireball)

Juggernaut (Uses Spike-o-Pult, Juggernaut, Missiles)


Weapons: Boomerangs and Glaives.

Pirate Monkey(Uses Bombs, Hookshots, Exploding Grapes)


As In The Original Bloons, Bloons Move Around, You Better Score Timed Hits. Some Items Are Good For That, Like "Rubber Walls"

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