I have created a new track for everyone to see. You can agree on this or disagree.

It is called: "Bloons Playground".

400px-Bloons Playground

This track is an intermediate track. Do you think it is an "Intermediate" track? Then leave a comment below!

'''Places You Can Put Towers:

You can only put Land Units on the Green Grass. You can only put water units on the pool.

Places You Can't Put Towers:

You can't put Land Units on the Yellow arrow, the MOAB board, BFB board, the tree trunk and leaves, clouds, stands stabilizing the posters, and the sun.

You can't put water units on the sky background.

Bloons Directions:

The first bloon that comes out from "Start" goes up the path to "Finish 1".

Another bloon that comes out from "Start" goes down the path to "Finish 2".

Next Time:

I am going to make a new track which is coming out later this month. So keep an eye out! :D

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