This page stores the necessary Standards conceptions have to meet in order to be certified and kept inside BCoW. Anything that doesn't meet these Standards will be immediately deleted without further consent!

Current Standards

  • Comprehensibility: Conceptions must be clear and understandable. If a conception contains mostly nonsensical information, it won't be accepted.
  • Sufficient Details: A conception must contain all the basic information for its conception type. For example, bloons and blimps need health, speed, and children (if applicable), whereas towers need cost/method of acquirement, firepower/method of usage, and upgrades (if applicable).
  • Proper Grammar: An extension of the Comprehensibility standard: conceptions must have adequate grammar, at the very least to a degree that's understandable and fixable by staff.
  • No Offensive Content: Self-explanatory. Conception pages must not contain offensive content outlined in the Policies.
  • Relation to Name: A conception must have some sort of relation to its name. For example, you can't make a conception named "Killer Fish" and then let it be a snake, unless there's some sort of explanation for the disparity given in the conception page itself.

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