We, Bloons Conception Wiki, have officially formed an alliance with Wikia and Conception Wikia. In this page, we hereby declare that this Alliance has been agreed upon and verified by both communities' respective administrative body and majority of user body, and go over the terms of this Alliance and what it means for us.

By forming this Alliance, we wish to

  • Establish a larger user base for both wikias, through sharing each other's user base and helping to promote each other.
  • Further improve our respective platforms through sharing each other's policies, administrative ideas, and systems.
  • Create a more active creative community through sharing each other's artistic assets and workforce.

Being members of this Alliance, we agree to

  • Open our chatrooms for each other's communities.
  • Let our communities freely access and co-develop public conceptions and assets from each other.
  • Share each other's policies and administrative ideas, as well as have a joint office for each other's Administrative-Class Staff Members.
  • Promote our wikias as a joint community when possible.
  • On BCoW's side, we agree to share our wikia's coding and theming assets, as well as our artists and coders, to help decorate Wikia and Conception Wikia.
  • On Wikia and Conception Wikia's side, we agree to help promote BCoW as has a bigger userbase.

Other terms

  • The Alliance should NOT be used to port a game's conceptions to the other wikia. Each game's respective conceptions should stay in its Conception Wikia, though they can be co-developed by members of the other community.
  • The Alliance should NOT be used to transfer banned users from one wikia to another in the Alliance. If an user is banned in a wikia, he/she should also get an official warning, a shorter ban, or otherwise a restriction of rights in the other wikia.
  • Staff members in a wikia should NOT retain their rights in the other wikia in the Alliance, unless they also meet the criteria for staff at that wikia. Administrative-Class members of both wikias can have a joint office to discuss and propose administrative ideas only, and should NOT retain their other rights in the other wikia.
  • Should a member of a community want to break up the Alliance, he/she will need to have the consent of the majority of that community, and a Breakup Declaration has to be made by both communities' administrative offices.

By starting this Alliance, we both hope for a better future for our wikias, so members from both wikias shouldn't be discriminated, and should happily work with one another. We believe this Alliance will help us both expand our frontiers, and give our users a better experience, as well as more chances to get involved, at our respective communities.

Best regards,

Koufuku Metanana, Leader of BCoW.

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